Wednesday, April 7, 2010

how you like me now ?

hey (: sry havent been updating much but well i had an interesting time yesterday . something that well there's so much drama that made it memorable. haha i got into trouble well not really since i didnt do anything but visit my friends and stuff. well i was scolded for awhile then he was like dont do it again. so im not sure whether i'll even be going to srikl's sports day at all.

after all that happened yesterday i doubt i want to get in trouble again or get others in trouble. though i really want to be there since it's gonna be the last year that i will be visiting that place ever after my friends graduate so i'm not sure . they even want me to go for charity dinner . LOL haha do you think i'd have to ask permission ? hmmm

i'm officially 1 year older now ... good or bad ? (:


an old friend said...

Where are the unphotoshopped pics you promised yesterday?

Cheryl said...

Yeah me too i'm waiting for the pics... who promises must deliver!
I bet you're busy photoshopping the pics right now!