Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FML !!

yesterday was such a BUMMER !! first during chemistry while doing an experiment i manage to get CuCl2 in my eye. that's copper chloride and it's really stingy i don think i would want to do that again xD . then later after walking my dog i put him back in his cage and dad was like ringing the doorbell and i was like " HOLD ON ! " when i was at the garden then i slip, trip and hit my leg against the step . and its in between the knee and the foot . OUCH much.

After that i found out i stepped on a dead bee. and my foot is a little swollen . what a great day eh ? i thought my eye was going to become blue due to the copper chloride. lol my boyfriend nearly flipped when i told him my whole eye turned blue over the phone xD but was actually kidding and he was like " WHATT !! " (: poor thing, so worried all the time



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