Tuesday, October 27, 2009

you have put me in this impossible situation

hey (: got not much to post bout really , and i still havent got the lagoon pictures . but anyways the day before yesterday which was a sunday we went for clean up the waterfall that is super duper high up the hills . we managed to clean up at least 300 over bags of garbage and gosh there were still lots more , but we ran out of plastic bags

after cleaning loads of shit , we played in the waterfall . though it was cold but it was awesome at least the waterfall water isnt polluted . the hardest part was when we had to bring the rubbish down .. my gosh we formed a chain to bring down the rubbish but while doing that i had to take care of YUKA ( my teachers daughter ) she is so adorable

when i was bringing her down one elderly guy asked me ,

old guy : how old are you ?

me : 16

old guy : 16 !!?? really ?

me : yea why ?

old guy : is that your daughter?

me : * omg face NO

old guy : * felt relief

its so ridiculous , unless i look that old to be a mother -.- now that would be sad ..

from yours truly ....

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