Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i rather keep my memories to myself ..

gosh my legs are filled with bruises T.T we played rugby today and i keep on falling till i had this really big , stingy and ugly bruise . it was probably cause the court was wet and my fault i didnt tighten my shoe so when i fell my whole shoe came off . so the whole of today i was limping .

lol my face was ugly for this pyramid ! not bad weii !

other than that bad news the drama class people performed after school so i stayed back for awhile . they were not bad really (: watch like 8 different scenes . then head home .. i have some pictures from the waterfall . i look ugly in it but who cares !?

there was a picture of Mr.B carrying me like a fish ! gosh it looked so funny!! but i dont have it with me now

we even tried flying ! haha which didnt exactly worked cause flyer has no shoe. haha but it was worth a shot since we had nothing to do. for this one we tried bounce up ? lol the coming up was funny


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