Tuesday, October 6, 2009

im back love (:

heyy sorry i havent been blogging lately , cause i wasnt able to find time to get on the com . but anyways (: i just came back from singapore and it was awesome (: i dont have much picture's now well cause its in the other camera .. but i'll post em . anyways we left from kl at like 4 in the morning ? and we nearly miss our flight .

we were imitating the statue's at the temple

arrived in singapore and put the bags in the apartment at my cousins place and went for the funeral prayer . then after that we went for a lil shopping . last night the two cousins and i went to clarke quay (: suppose to be where all the clubs and bars were . but since it was a monday all the clubs are closed and since im underage soo yea . instead we went for haegen dass and watch the belly dancing that was next door. walked around then went to a bar . had a cocktail and watch a live band performance .

i saw this cloud in the sky :D

that night well i think i was tipsy , it seems that my face was pink . you'll see them and you'd know what i mean . i kept on laughing and my two cousins yashodra and kish kept on teasing me xD meaniee !! . then went for the last prayer for the funeral and i dont know why but all of us was talking in an accent . and i said the wrong thing . instead of saying " coffee is just isnt my cup of tea " i ended up saying " coffee doesnt fancy me " hahaha they would never stop teasing me . (: bimbo's .

lastly there was a tribute performance at the airport for micheal jackson
and omg the dude really looks like him , his name is edmund moss i think :P i
think he had plastic surgery

anyways i better get to bed .. got school tmrw
signing off
xoxo's !

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