Saturday, October 10, 2009

why you so obsessed with me ?

i have been having this sudden disturbance lately , but cant really say what it is .. just filled with confusion but its actually making a decision . im just a very indecisive person thats one bad thing about me . i can never make decisions whether it is between the cutest clothes or doing whats right and wrong .

im only human .. but that isnt an excuse for me being this way . i havent made a decision yet for prom and for something else. no one actually knows what im talking about except me of course . cause well sometimes its just something personal . just waiting for a sign to help me make a decision fast .

anyways i went out to 1u with mommy just to get stuff for the house and all . im waiting for next month to go shopping :D i so miss shopping with mom and with friends . i think i'll most probably go for the AAR concert .. anyone going let me know yea ? just give me a call or somethin (:

signing off ..

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