Thursday, October 22, 2009

signs keeps coming back to me ..

i had soo much fun in sunway lagoon today but sadly i didnt take pics through my phone, its through a friends camera and even then its not so many. didnt feel like camwhoring xD but had loads of fun. there's no pics but a video !! haha . i'll see if i can get them (: the awesome thing is my team is called the beauty and the beasts !!

lol you'd know who the beauty is ;) anyways the starting of the day was pretty screwed up but the rest of it was great. havent been to sunway lagoon for a super long time .. it was great to be there eventhough its kinda lame :D further more prom is coming up !! well not so sure whether im going or not .. due to some complications ): so we'll see bout that

other than that we have school tmrw again .. soo lazy but anyways have tons of homework due tmrw . and just so you know .. i have made up my mind . its nothing personal , im just dont have the guts for it just yet.


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