Thursday, October 15, 2009

just dont leave me in the dark ..

sorry havent been blogging much , been really busy this few days . tmrw i'll be going to P.D. with the family . i'll see if i can post more picture's by then (: . today was okay , just felt kinda grouchy thats all . anyways next week the whole school is going to sunway lagoon ! on a school day . so awesome ! cant wait for that one :D

im satisfied with my test marks and well i have something else to share but i'll just keep it a secret for now :D for you to be coming back for more (: oh and my dad brought back home a black kitten . it seems he found the kitten in the middle of the divider and well stop his car and picked it up . lol she quite cute but its gonna be lots of work taking care of the little guy .

xoxo's !

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