Sunday, April 3, 2011

Botak man !! :D

lol i seem to bitch about the people that tends to piss me off but well its a healthy way for me to express about what i feel about certain people and certain things .. yea i do understand the world dont revolve around me but well this whole blog is about me so i guess this is just my own little world ..

so there's this guy that i've known for awhile and i dont see how he can be so bold about everything like arent you shameful about certain comments you make ? your making yourself look like such a whore since you call me one all the time .. its time to look in the mirror ..

on top of it all he seems to usually or nearly always to be in my work groups and assignments .. how the hell can i work with him when he thinks he's the white guy and he's totally awesome .. so i dont voice out what i think of him but that doesnt mean i wont if you push my patience .. yeah im being nice .. leave me alone man .. keep your comments to yourself if no one asked for them ..

this is random but it's the poster i design with some help from ratri (:

i feel great noww .. (: teeehee
the funny thing is if you piss me off it will be here
well i guess it will be a future distant memory of mine