Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the year has officially passed ...

im officially legal to almost everything probably except voting, clubbing/drinking in some countries and some other stuff .. but i believe its gone WAY TOO FAST ! i had the day with my family and him after .. just a nice dinner you and me (: love it so much

the fact that i've started talking to you on my birthday last year and this year look where we are now .. its long but what the heck (: i have loved every minute of it even today .. havent been doing anything much other than meeting up with some old friends and just hanging around as if its another normal day ..

lost my charger , strain my neck from sleeping awkwardly after drinking a wee bit that night and got this thing in my eye thats killing it D: but its okayy i suppose . finished up my work for the day and cant wait to go to cherating on thursday !! (: yes you people have to sit in your maybe boring/fun lives while i take a runaway to club med

have funn !


SarahV said...

I know exactly how you feel, Every thing is going by so fast for me to! aaaaanddd I lost my camera and broke my cell phone! as for the club med thing haha I wish! :P

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