Monday, April 4, 2011


LOL i just found out that i have a freaking doppelganger !! just to interest you her name is Zara Azam and she's 5 days younger than me plus she roughly lives around my area .. GEEZ im excited at the same time its sorta not cause well i dont really wanna look like someone else but myself ..

honestly this is just crazy right now she's working in T.G.I.F sunway pyramid .. this is like a moment to remember .. like you can play a game .. put both our pictures and compare who is the other .. who knew ? she might be a long lost sister of mine ? maybe ? i mean i know there's a saying that goes around "you have a person that will look exactly like you somewhere in this world" but this is just too close dont you think ?

so now i know the reason towards why people always claim to have seen me in places that im not .. and plus the funny thing is that they dont believe me .. thought i might be anti-social or something

whether i look like her or she looks like me .. the thing is we look very similar ..