Sunday, March 27, 2011

GEEK !! of the YEAR (:

you know better than to mix my marks than to how i am in school .. please your just screwing up this school .. it used to be fun and such a great feeling being here than the government school , want to know why ? we have such cool people around us even the teachers that are not grumpy/ stuck up

you may think following rules is the way to be, but the people that has made it in this world is the ones that have been breaking the rules and they survived out there

sorry cant find an image of him but this is how he somewhat looks like

i have been finishing assignments before due dates and participating in class and what do you give me in my report ? a good ? i wonder why those that are getting lower marks than me getting excellent in their reports .. this is just gay and messed up .. you dont deserve to be teaching in this school at all

yes i am the one that can stand up against you and that makes you angry cause you have no control to what i can do next .. im just holding on for another 2 months in your gay class .. get a life !! i know your life is a little sad but you dont have to go making the people around you miserable in your wrath ..

lets see if i can find his face ... you know what ? you cant cause he's not even known sorry .. but from the way i describe him you may think its one sided ? yeahh he "tries" to be funny in class but no one is laughing and no one responds .. so that just makes it really sad .. i mean seriously i should have taken another class .. EPIC FAIL

go back to your HOLE !! where you belong

your gonna be the one that is losing want to know why? cause your species is slowly becoming extinct .. cause our world is slowly but surely heading towards the conceptual age and your still stuck in your old ways ..

yea you may like MATH / ACCOUNTING but that does not mean we do and you cant make us even if you wanted to !! there's no profanity words in here so yeah you can bring me DOWN :D

to the WORST teacher (:

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