Sunday, March 27, 2011

recent updates

: i have thought of getting a tattoo ( but chicken out )
: i then thought about a piercing ( but was scared of an infection )
: then thought of staying at home and do some stuff that i didnt had time for
( that didnt turn out well )

: i thought of taking psychology as my main degree but still had second thoughts
: somehow at some point in my life i feel restless and useless ( not productive )
: i read a book and well that helps but only for some period of time
: assignments ? all done before the due date

yes i should fill my life with a bit more than just that but really when i start doing it , yes it will be time consuming but i somehow feel that it gets a bit too quiet .. so quiet that i have never been left alone to do things on my own .. secret ? that feeling scares me to some point .. attention seeker ? maybe but only too my close buds

i have a new start , new chapter .. i dont know what it's contents is filled with but i sure hope its filled with something worth living for .. time to step up to the game .. here i come (:


1 comment:

S. L. said...

i'm so happy you are bloggin again!
i really liked reading your posts and i think I will like them again so much as i did, or even more.