Sunday, March 27, 2011

F-A-K-E ? yeahh totally

WTF is your problem !? stop acting like a bitch thinking your all awesome because you have a boyfriend and cause you think your pretty .. and you being such a hypocrite .. please you think people that uses make up at the age of 16 and below is fake what about yourself ? pleaseee you started wearing it at that age too so your insulting yourself ?

You think you can push me around whenever you like ? yeahh i have been tolerating your retarded personality for years .. and i cant take it when you are older than be but acting like a TOTAL 9 year old .. geez man GROW UP !

yea there are some parts of you that is worth being with but at most times now your just plain old SELFISH ! acting all nice and forgiving for what choice ? thinking about yourself at most times and just a big old liar .. how long have you been lying and the amount of times i have to cover up for you ? well probably your whole life time ..

trust me i have been looking up to you when i was younger and thank god i have not followed your footsteps to the person you are today

i have enough to say (:
just so you know your pretty ' pathetic '
and hope one day you'll realize this along with the people around you

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