Monday, July 5, 2010

me and my toys ;)

had a pretty productive day (: i went to the gym spent bout 2 and a half hours there , i guess i used my time fully :D and i made my apple crumble pie !! i havent been making it for a super long time till i have forgotten how to make it in the first place but its successful .cleaned up some part of the basement since of all my childhood junk and treasures that we plan to keep and throw away some unused stuff . and surprisingly its majority 80% toys .

LOL shows how much toys i used to have . most of them dont work anymore but there are still some that can still be used . it was sad really throwing the toys that i used to play with its like every toy i picked has memories that comes along with it but i cant use most of it anymore and if i were to keep it its gonna collect dust . i miss my childhood life , as life was so carefree and i just felt like on the top of the world .

geez turn back time when life wasnt this complicated !! :O well the life i have now its fine but there's alot to take care as well the responsibilities that has to be carried out . hmmm :S


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joven said...

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