Saturday, July 3, 2010

i'm right here ...

its just the same as any other day but this time is a little bit different (: went to maz idol yesterday , i have nothing much to say really .. i do miss some of my friends but other than that its my past that i never regret leaving . its probably one of the best decisions i've made rather than staying there . yea being where i am today may be expensive and thats why i feel that i have learn so much and i value everything my parents gives or allows me t0 pursue certain things

they may not see the value but i do , yes money is valuable to . its like i'm being left in the middle to be judge all the time . well i expected more in school but for now its just my mom . i love her so much , but it just gets annoying at times but i dont blame her either . i cant expect everything to be given to me and have everything i wanted , but i will make sure i'll make the best out of it .

xoxo's !

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fahmi said...

OMG you stole faishal's picture :P