Sunday, July 18, 2010

honey bee (:

havent been posting up much cause practically was just too caught up with assignments , anyways this week was pretty good went out to pav . Watched toys story i'll give it a 5/10 and had an awesome time (: . though i didnt managed to get the shirt i wanted so badly from zara but well maybe its just not meant for me .

i passed my driving theory exam and now i got my L (: watch out ! im gonna be on the road soon ! woohooo (: school has just been so tiring since i took up pe again . i would just fall asleep at 10 the most . cant even stay up anymore which is a good thing

xoxo's !

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Pernille said...

Hey you!
The shorts you have on on teh first picture, WOW love them :)

Very nice blog you have!
Check out mine.