Tuesday, May 11, 2010

love me or hate me (:

school is ending soon , just for another 3 more weeks then i'm free . but then again i will be having driving exam and violin exam . lol at least being away from school helps (: really tired of always dread myself to be going to chemistry class . and now its ending . just to make sure i dont repeat it . im gonna study freaking hard for it and never again shall this subject be in my way . ohh yeahh .

i really am excited to the ending of school . i can't imagine the feeling of being free again . from the evil clutches of school . and one month holiday here i come (: would so love that . if i was older could probably do what i want but in a controlled manner . not something over my head but still . another year . oh well lets just hope it passes soon .

currently addicted to the music and dance of " the marionette show " it's really good.



shit_happens said...

Oh u r such lucky! My school is ending in 6 weeks so i have 2 work really hard so much longer than u:)
btw love your blog:)

joven said...

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ezulfahmiey said...

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