Friday, May 21, 2010

i'm a genie in a bottle baby !

thought i had one of the worst weeks ever due to the amount of stress that suddenly decided to land on me all at once , but with the some help :) i managed to get though it . thanks babe ! :D love yea tons , wouldn't know what i'll do without you .

planning for an event, finishing ISU's that is actually all done since last week but there are editing to do, study for the up coming exam, have to deal with my business in sunway, got a violin exam, driving licence and thats bout it . well there might be more but might not recall but anyways thats the big list that i have to accomplish some by this month and the rest is next month.

but so far do you believe that im actually very calm and relaxed ? not getting all stressed out for the first time (: and further more if i did get more stress that im suppose to i'm gonna have more pimples on my face . i love my clear face thank you (: not such a bad week with the rate im going


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