Sunday, May 9, 2010

for too long i have been waiting ..

had a good weekend , but ended up being a zombie when i woke up for the morning to school . kinda sucks but well yeahh . at this point of stage im not sure what im getting myself into , but i know i liked it . i have been enjoying most of my time , not wasting it on and irrelevant thoughts that used to linger in my head . probably this is something to help me move on with the darkness that has been set upon me this year . the clouds are probably vanishing and the sun is starting to light the days of my life .

very odd ? can say that . didnt expect all of it to happen really . i definitely didnt expect to suddenly put myself in another situation . pushing my luck ? maybe . am i picky ? heck yeah ! well we'll just see where this turns out . but really if you asked me ? i want it the way it is ;)


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