Tuesday, May 18, 2010

freakkk !!

OMG chuck bass died !! he can't die . and the fact that this is the final episode for this season sucks hell !! this last episode is freaking stupid !! leaving viewers hanging and waiting for 4 months till the next season comes out . haha yes im a gossip girl freak , been watching the every episode (: very interesting story .

supernatural i think has ended, ugly betty has ended , all thats left is 90210 and even that is gonna end . goshh what am i gonna be doing without it . and why does all of them have to end at the same time . its super annoying . have to find more stuff to do during my free time . read a book ? haha (: it's been sometime since i have last read . should start reading . (:



Melly said...

amazing blog! so colourful, keep it up girl!

Yang Kin said...

like this! *thumbs up* :D