Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welcome to the real world

I stumbled upon this self realization that I always had been protected by my parents from what the real world is. When I was much younger, I remembered of always wanting to grow up, work, live on my own, being able to do the things that I wanted to do without the need to always refer back to my parents.

Now that I have bits and pieces of it which comes with responsibilities & the hardships of life itself. Am I exaggerating ? maybe but this is what it really feels like. It almost feels lonely because there is less social time and even then I stop Rock Climbing for 2 months. This shouldn't happen but it is.

It's good that I'm learning young and adapting to this sudden change but it really is a culture shock. Now I understand why the working world is so much different than our inner child self. It's pretty much like comparing 2 in the extreme opposite of each other.

Why I started blogging again because someone told me that I'm good at it and maybe I shall just continue it. This is my special place for posting up stuff in chronological order of the things that has happen in my life and some are going through different stages/phases of growing up.

I believe the things I'm going through now would allow me to pick up the bruises, learn and walk on my own 2 feet. My goals during this time when I'm working is to start Rock Climbing and have my social life back. I've learn a lot at Saltyskins and even more about tshirts are they specialize in apparel's. I now can truly appreciate the tshirts that I have, after knowing the efforts that people put into producing a tshirt and how even something as simple as that can mean a big difference.

Anyways time to get some sleep....

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