Sunday, May 13, 2012

Oh country of mine ...

Dear government ,

the acts you've done for us has been nothing more than ignoring the symptoms to the cancer that will destroy us all. Leaving us with no trust in our government, police force and politic related stuff. How do you expect us to feel if you've never put your shoes in ours, you have all this power and money that it has probably made you lost your ways as a political leader for this country. I sincerely hope you could do better than this before the inevitable happens not only the respect that we used to have for you and this country but to the government in a whole. By running away proves to the people that your not willing to help us grow as a country with the propaganda of 1 Malaysia. No one is bad on this earth its just your actions that hurts people. It has been shown clearly by many of the Malaysians during the Bersih 3.0 Rally.  Face your people, drop all of the acts thats been going on, make a change, make yourself more meaningful as a prime minister, bring a good name to yourself and your country and I'm sure the rakyat will forgive the past.

this just shows what your intentions are and who do you really care for. Pretty much on yourselves .. greed , desire , fear and power has affected your decisions .. do whats right and stop praying that God will forgive your sins , what's the point in that when your just going to redo it again and again and not learn from the mistakes.

a fellow youth citizen