Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's when the clock is ticking your life away

Sometimes on those weekends you would want to spend that day to be lazy and just not do anything. Well I did that today and well my body felt great but it felt like it's a day wasted to do absolutely nothing but stare on the computer screen.

If I plan to be lazy today, what I could do is this:-

  • Finish at least 1 activity that doesn't require much thought or effort but it's productive
  • Take a walk at the park / a jog to sweat some stress away
  • Try to cook perhaps
  • Clean up my super messy room
  • Learn Something New ( Language, Article, etc )

All these things could at least make me feel a little more productive than just lazying around and watching tv shows. 

The funny thing about this is that I thought of it at the end of the day so in a way it's really hypocritical. But Hey at least it wouldn't waste all those future lazy days that I might have. 

Yes I've got the experience of the working life and it does feel tiring mentally & physically.
The only way for us to use this time is to invest in ourselves to benefit the future. 

New Goal !! 
To no more unproductive lazy Sundays ! 


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this is so true but you need the odd bit of lazy time just to relax x

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