Sunday, May 8, 2011

singaporee trip ! (:

had thee most awesome time there (: might not be as perfect all of us are only humans , arent we not ? went to the universal studios and the roller costers there are awesome !! the one that impressed me the most was the red and blue one .. really huge you cant miss it !! went clubbing and i think its freaking boring due to the fact that most of the guys were either fat , weird , old , geeky or just not in any state of mind .

sadly none ! NOTHING D: unless i turn lesbian some of the girls there are really something .. but dont think i will do that anytime soon . went shopping and OMG i couldnt help myself from shopping , im serious you'd die there .. maybe due to the fact im a girl ? sexist i know but still kinda true .. i got myself a nose piercing and was really proud of myself (: yes to some people its just a nose piercing but really i wouldnt have done anything like it since im terrified of needles

the lady was like its gonna be fast and your not gonna feel a thing .. such a liar .. i was scared for my life down there sitting on the chair waiting as she wipes my nose with alcohol and puts the gun in place... BAM !! i twitched and before you know it i felt my nose being soo sore, face turning red like a tomato and tears falling down from my eyes as my cousins are trying to cheer me up .. laughing and crying at the same time , who knew :P

visited some relatives and made a VIDEO (: lol its hilarious

.. probably our asian version of american idol .. we call it " AMATEUR LIVE! " with my cousin staring as Ravender Sigkhcrest (: well i think thats the spelling anyways .. had a blast !! went to the zoo as well .. its pretty cool i guess with all the shows .. just a very good past time .. before i knew it 6 days was over and it was time to head home .. geez that sucked the most ..

thats it !!