Friday, May 27, 2011

i'm not afraid .. to take a stand

high school is over and on to much more bigger things than just homework, teachers, rules, uniform and etc.. now its on to the next chapter of my life, its now gonna be worth something that has a much greater meaning to it .. this is not how i choose to end my high school life but its already decided .. i shall just leave it to that .. people move on and i cant take the stress you put on me anymore ... this is only referring to one person ..

enough of that .. college is ahead and i have bigger shoes to fill .. nothing says like having the guts to be someone new .. in the rites of passage .. a person is changed to be someone new .. that person will be temporarily taken out of society .. and placed back into society as a new person .. i believe that all of this is coming way to fast .. i mean i did wished i grew up faster to be able to obtain my freedom to do what i want and when i want it ..

geez :S i will have 1 month to just relax and not think about anything but just hanging out with my cousins that are coming in a bit (: and my old buddies that i promised to meet .. till then there are 2 more days of exam ! :D