Saturday, June 12, 2010

where we are meant to be ..

day was so far great , spent time with my cousin . havent been able to be around her due to the distance and all but it's get to get back once in awhile . i cant believe we spent 100 bucks just on arts and craft stuff and they're barely anything just a few pieces of paper and some diff types of items . went and look around for stuff and instead spend all our money there . haih things are just getting to expensive now a days . wanted to watch a movie but line was long and i wanted to watch other movies like

the killers
toys story 3
letters to juliet
and some other movies that i cant think of right now ...

licence seems sooo far away , holidays are finished half way , exams are coming up . oh great . what a life ... just feel so negative at times .

xoxo's !

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