Wednesday, June 9, 2010

are we really happy ?

i've learn something today , that people dont notice nowadays . you know how our parents or society tells us that you know you have to get married at this age , then after that get a house , become financially successful , have a family , grow old , and die . if thats their interpretation of life then what about what we want ?

which really got me thinking , if everybody were to follow those steps then where is the part where we enjoy life and do what we want that makes us happy . most of us has been brainwashed that we should do just that and well yes some of us really wants it but is that what everybody wants ?

sometimes well you were happier when life was so simple and you dont have a care in the world but later on when we grow up we start getting stress and only working ourselves up just for money and to live a comfortable life . but that doesnt ensure that we will be happy as well as enjoy life as you fancy it to be . it's just something i think that tends to trigger people and who knows change their path of life (:


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