Wednesday, June 2, 2010

run away with me (:

hey sorry havent been updating all due to exams , but its all OVER NOW !! (: im a free person ! lol from school that is . now that the summer is starting i cant wait to take a good rest from all the work and hectic in school . its like im super happy and excited but i cant express it so much cause im tired from all the studying i went through . lol but it will pump back up tmrw when i get my good night sleep from NO WORRIES !! :D

today right after chemistry we ate lunch with lee xian then head out to pyramid with ratri , andrianna and deedee (: was pretty awesome . went to watch the bounty hunter lol would give it a rate of 8/10 . thought it was pretty good but like the people in the theatre was stupid . they dont even laugh when its funny . lol no sense of humor much lol . the funny part when it was only ratri and i laughing so hard while the rest of the people in silence .

whats that bout ? idk lol . soo excited . wanna pick up activities that i've nvr tried . continue activities that i've stop . take licence and violin exam . its just me and the things i wanna do . go out have fun with my life (: had a great laugh when i was out with them . pictures will come up later on (:


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