Thursday, August 21, 2008

when im right back on track

sorry i haven't been blogging for awhile cause i am currently in thailand and its going out fine :D I've got tons of pictures to make you guys jealous haha but the funny thing is that after my little holiday I'm going to sit for my pmr trials .. isnt that great ? xD haha .. so far things are all right .. I'm studying and relaxing by the beach at the same timee :D .. i will upload the pictures once i get back from thailand if i even have time for that .. but i'll try ..

i miss bill and annoying myra , athira , eelin , sumae , pei and the rest . i bet they are all ready for the trials .. unlike me xD it makes me sound like im such a lazy pig ! .. anyways .. i just finish watching made of honor , walle & dont mess with the zohan .. i think i nearly cried hahaha .. :) then later on i was reading more ecplise and studied sejarah .. i think it was really sweet ( the movie btw )

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