Friday, August 29, 2008

the great part of life

these are the pictures when i was in Thailand . Koh Samui :D not badd you know .. haha had fun and got a couple of stuff .. pmr trials are officially OVER ! but the real thing is coming closer xP anyways cant wait for the new twilight movie to come out . i bet it will be great . well enjoy the pics :D

i thought i saw a ghost haha !

my bro was drinking coffee at night

crazy isn't he ?

my dad took the pic :D
the black dog just came and sat beside me

eclipse gosh ! great book

lets eat ! monkeys!!
study study study !
the white stick man studied with me haha

I'm leaving . but i know i would come back again
in your life

where should we go ?
elephant !! (eelin) hahaha !

eelin got soo hungry so i had to feed her banana's :)

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